Jill Marshall

Jill Marshall came to Alaska in 1975 for a three month stay that never ended. Her artwork blends her love of Alaska with the wildness of Alaska’s people and places. These themes are woven throughout her designs.

Jill started her graphic design firm Marshall Arts Design in 1988. At that time, much of the work was done by hand, it’s all electronic now. She missed that hands-on feel, so she started her own line of watercolor nature cards. This later expanded to a Christmas series.

Then she came up with a new idea which was wild and whimsical: it was a style that combined the drawing she missed with the computer work she knows so well. The Wild Women series was born! The funny thing is, Jill’s not very wild herself. “I think I’m channeling for the ghost of a wild woman,” Jill says, “The ideas just keep coming to me, even in the middle of the night!”

All Jill’s designs have been wildly popular, (pun intended). Within Alaska she has sold more than 75,000 cards featuring her designs.

Jill lives in Fairbanks with her husband Charlie McMahon and kitties Annie and Leo. Their son Josh lives in Anchorage.